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Home    Meteobridge  WH-WUSxx-Upgr Upgrade Your own complete P&P weather website
WH-WUSxx-Upgr Upgrade Your own complete P&P weather website

WH-WUSxx-Upgr Upgrade Your own complete P&P weather website

Existing meteobridge upgrade to weather website hosted at myonwweather.eu / meineigeneswetter.de

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5 stars
€ 79.00

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Weerhuisje | Article code: WH-WUSxx-Upgr

WH-WUSxx-Upgr Upgrade Your own complete P&P weather website

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The name for your weather site as shown in the URL address.
Google search results appreciate search words like  "weather" "meteo"  "station" and your location (town).

Weather website upgrade pack
  • Use your own meteobridge / Meteobridge pro (red or black)
  • Pack will offer setup of your weather website at myownweather.eu / meineigeneswetter.de / mijneigenweer.nl depending on language choosen.
  • Incudes first full year participation of your own weather website.
  • Before participation termination date you will receive an email with offer for extending participation. Choice is yours. Find the 1Yr+ option package (in Meteobridge products section) for actual price.

Weather to Internet
  • Own weather website

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5 stars | 2018-03-29 | Demange Daniel

meteobridge Awekas et logiciel meteo

je possède un meteobridge awekas model MR3020,Version SW 3.6 build 12135 FW 1.4
je me demande si je peu mettre votre logiciel de météo.

An awekas meteobridge can be combined with a p&p weather website at www.myownweather.eu without any problem.