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WUS02 Uploadserver with upload to Wunderground and/or WOW

WUS02 Uploadserver with upload to Wunderground and/or WOW

WUS02 meteobrdige uploadserver with preconfigured upload. Use your own weather station.

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Weather station model (required):
Choose model weather station ("Other" list:  more info > meteobridge).

Upload to:
Choose: Wunderground, WOW or both.

Frequency band of weather station / Meteostick
WW used frequencies for wireless tranmission of weatherdata from sensors to receiver differ from region to region. We will deliver weather station configuration with frequency used in region 1 (Europa, Africa etc).

Weather undergorund
  • Leading personal weather data site with ten thousands of connected weather stations
  • Your own weather page with actual and historical data.
  • Clear and very complete.
  • Apps for smartphone available.
  • Download of your own weather data possible (csv/txt).


  • Weather Observation Website, initiated by UK Meteo office.
  • Primary purpose is collecting weather data of many as possible weather stations to improve research.

The pack
  • The WUS02 WUWO pack consists of:
  •   * WUS02 Meteobridge uploadserver incl all needed additional hardware and licenses.
  •   * Network cable - 10m
  •   * Account request and configuration.
  • Use your own meteobridge compatible weather station.
  • Plug&Play
  • Energy cost less than €5 per year.

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5 stars | 2018-05-27 | Christophe Milon

Upload to Windguru

Meteobridge proposes a lot à of websites o upload data, among which
winduru. I can't see it on your set up on wuso2 or meteobridge pro.
Is it possible to do so or not?
Kind regards.

Windguru is supported on Meteobridge (/Pro) You can find more information under the "More info" menu > Meteobridge.