MyOwnweather web site

1.0 What is (MEW) ? is a site that offers you the possibility to have a complete plug & play weather website. Your own weather data online on a complete weather website without hassle. The complete setup including upload of your weather data is arranged by us.

The weather website is set up by default with all available tabs visible. The banner and menu bar are always visible, just like the bottom (light gray) line with short textual weather data. Unless the entire page has been set to "not visible" by you as a user of your weather site.

What do you usually see on the tabs?
  • Home page
    • The meters with current values of the weather variables. These meters are refreshed every 10 seconds for 20 minutes. Refreshing the page or pressing the red button to the left of the ticker above the meters reactivates the meters. Optional sensors such as UV, Solar, Sun hours and Fine dust. A personal (weather) message, with a weather icon, can be placed above the meters.
    • Local 48-hour forecast.
    • Four (out of 10+ maps) to choose from KNMI weather maps:
      • Optionally your own twitter message box. With the possibility of automatically generated tweets with weather data from your own station.
      • A line with 5 (optional) blocks:
        • Links to your own social media channels.
        • Visitor counter.
        • Link to the MEWblog.
        • Link to the map with all my own weather participants.
        • Logo
  • Graphs
    • Historical daily data of all your weather variables. All historical day data is preserved.
    • You can determine which data should be shown by default (when opening or refreshing the page). The setting is remembered on your own device. So you can save different default settings on different devices.
    • If you want to temporarily show/hide an extra variable, click on the legend items directly below the graph. The two buttons in the middle show the operation when you move the mouse over the button.
  • Forecasts
    • 48 hour local forecast. Same as on the Home page.
    • Local rainfall radar with two different time periods.
    • Windy global weather map. With numerous expectations (click on the icon at the top right).
  • Almanac
    • General data of the weather station, Sun up/down, Moon up/down a phase.
    • The all-time weather with the station's highest/lowest measured variables.
    • Graph with highest/lowest values measured. With a choice of:
      • Day (every historical year)
      • Month (all months to date)
      • Year (all years to date)
  • TheWeatherOf
    • Page to be filled by the user himself with:
      • Three blocks of text only
      • Three blocks with text and photo (right).
      • Three blocks with a photo next to each other with the possibility for a short text under each photo.
  • external links
    • Links to other websites of your choice. Max 6 left.
  • Settings page (wheel, far right in the menu bar)
    • Password protected page where the owner of the site can adjust the settings of the site and post their own info on the site.
    • For an overview, see the video further down this page.
More to come....