Davis 6805 Enviromonitor mobile network Gateway

Receiver unit for Enviromonitor nodes. Uses mobile network.

Davis 6805 Enviromonitor mobile network Gateway
Davis 6805 Enviromonitor mobile network Gateway
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Davis Enviromonitor mobile network Gateway

Measure, Monitor, and Manage Field Data
The EnviroMonitor Gateway collects information from an optional connected sensor suite and all essential data from the Nodes. It pushes all that data securely to the Cloud server using cellular connectivity. From there, the data can be accessed on your smart devices and computers.

The Gateway is energy savvy. It’s equipped with solar powered with over-sized solar panels for ample energy. It will work and work, and keep on working out in the field for you.

The Gateway is a self-contained, weather-resistant, solar-powered unit that communicates over a cellular connection. It includes a rechargeable 6-volt backup battery and comes with mounting hardware. Requires an annual service plan and one-time hardware activation fee. Requires a service plan for transmitting data.