WUS02 - Your Weather page on Weather Underground.

How do I reach the user interface of the WUS02?

  • Type in your web browsers addressbar: http://magicip.meteobridge.com and hit Enter
  • Click on the link shown in the browser window (i.e.: "Meteobridge WL-330N3G (MAC 1E:12:0A:1E:7E:3B) with LAN IP at -- date/time --".

Standard Username and password WUS02 user interface.

  • Username: meteobridge
  • Password: meteobridge.

Uploading stopped after changing Wunderground account password.

Whenever the password of your account at Wunderground.com is being changed, the new password has to be updated on the WUS02 too.
Go to the user interface of the WUS02, choose tab Weather network and adjust the password at the Weather Underground upload section. The check marks left to the {ID} and {Password} fields should turn green again.
Click [Save] on the bottom of the page. Uploading should resume within 10 minutes.

Internet access to the WUS02

Note: Change the WUS02 password for the WUS02 user interface. External access is a potential entrance for hackers too.
Follow these steps to get Internet access to the WUS02.
  • Login to the WUS02 and select tab "System".
  • In block 'Security', place a check mark next to "Internet login"
  • Click on "This URL" in the text after the check mark
  • With the https://link appearing, you can login to the WUS02 from the Internet.

Can I keep using Weatherlink combined with WUS02?

Yes, you can! The WUS02 emulates a Davis IP logger with "Virtual Vantage" function. This function is being support using a Davis 6510USB or 6555IP datalogger.

  • Reveal the IP-address of the Meteobridge (see first item).
  • Check minimum SW version WUS02. Systemtab > system > SW version > Meteobridge 2.5 (xxxx).
  • SW version below 2.5? Restart the WUS02 (bottom of page).
  • Open the Weatherlink program on your PC.
  • Go to Setup > Communications port
  • Select in block Communications: TCP/IP
  • Select "Remote IP address" and enter the WUS02 IP-adres.
  • Klick OK. You now can download the weather data into Weatherlink.

Is the Davis Envoy8x supported by the WUS02?

Yes. Multiple ISS (and other) stations connected to an Envoy8x can be handled by the WUS02. The Envoy8x stations have to be configured with the standard Davis Envoy8x sw.

Can connect to the interface, but there's no upload.

The WUS02 uses standaard port 80 for web pages. Some routers block outgoing port 80 traffic, so this has to be enabled.

Restoring factory settings.

A number of settings can be restored using the reset button on top of the WUS02 meteobridge.
  • 1. Remove power from the WUS02 meteobridge and wait for 15 seconds.
  • 2. Reconnect the power cord to mains.
  • 3. The led of the RESET-button starts flashing slowly. Soon as the led starts flashing fast, push and hold the RESET-button. The led stops flashing:
    • Release the RESET-button after the led flashing once:
      >> Network settings restored to DHCP LAN mode (cabled mode).
    • Release the RESET-button after the led flashing twice:
      >> WUS02 user interface credentials reset to:
      • - username: meteobridge
      • - password: meteobridge
    • Release the RESET-button after the led flashes 5 times:
      >> All settings restored to factory default.

Where can I find more detailed info?

Visit the website of www.meteobridge.com. An extensive WIKI explains all facets of using your WUS02.