SA-LD3000 Strike Alert HD bliksemdetector

Registers thunderstorms/ lightning Up to 60km. With NL manual

SA-LD3000 Strike Alert HD bliksemdetector
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Manufacturer Strikealert
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Outsmart the storm! With StrikeAlert HD

Ideal for:
  • Lightning observations.
  • If you go outdoors.
  • Water sports weather alert.
  • Detection of approaching or removing thunderstorms.

  • Intuitive graphic display.
  • Registration lightning strikes 360 degrees around.
  • Audible and / or vibration alarm when lightning strike is within measuring range.
  • Energy efficient. Up to 80 hours of operation on 2 AA batteries.
  • Automatic selection from 2 hours after the last detection of a thunderstorm.

More about the StrikeAlert HD:
  • The next generation of personal lightning detection.
  • Built on the trusted StrikeAlert technology, StrikeAlert HD is the first personal lightning detector with a graphic display that shows you the lightning strike distance (0-40 miles (0-60km) distance) as well as a 1-hour storm trend and intensity.
  • Most other personal lightning detectors only offer 180 ° tracing angle, but StrikeAlert HD offers full 360 ° tracking in all directions, so no blind spots.
  • You can set the device to both an audible and vibrating alert to alert you of danger.
  • StrikeAlert HD gets up to 80 hours of use from two AA batteries.

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