WH-WUS02-templ Installation help for weather wesite template

WH-WUS02-templ Installation Saratoga or Leuven

WH-WUS02-templ Installation help for weather wesite template
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The templates:
Saratoga template. Example: http://saratoga-weather.org/index.php
Leuven template. Example: http://www.weerstation-wilsele.be/

Both templates are very extensive and in terms of possibilities in implementation almost unlimited. The templates can be modified (later) entirely to your own taste.

The installation service for a weather template consists of a one-time service for installing and configuring a standard template controlled by a WUS02 and tuned to the configuration of the weather station of the customer.

Important information:
  • Weerhuisje is not the owner of the templates but only offers assistance installing them.
  • For cost of aquiring the template we refer to the respective websites and encourage you to support the developers financially.
  • Weerhuisje can in no way be held liable for errors in, or limitations of, the chosen template.
  • When ordering this product, buyer has indicated that he has read this important information and has agreed to it.

Customer environment requirements:
  • For uploading you need an available Meteobrdige data upload server.
  • You have a working internet site with an FTP account for uploading weather data.
  • Weerhuisje gets your full cooperation to perform the service to be delivered.

A working standard weather template. An additional service can be ordered for needed later modifications.