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What is Meteobridge?

Meteobridge is a small energy-efficient upload server providing instant weather data available on the Internet. Your actual weather information available anytime, anywhere. Providing you as well as other weather enthousiasts an insight on your weather data. And conversely, you also can access weather data of other weather stations. An enrichment for weather enthousiast and professional user.


Meteobridge standard and Meteobridge Pro
  • Meteobridge, like the word it does. Meteobridge bridge between weather data from your weather station on one bank and the internet on the other.
  • Two variants. Standard Meteobridge (Weerhuisje product cat: WUS02) and Meteobridge Pro (Weerhuisje product cat: WUS03).

Meteobridge standard (WUS02) > Go to meteobridges
  • Pure bridge function. Weather data only being "put through".
  • System setup loaded at boot from saved settings at meteobridge.com server.
  • No database. So no risk of database corruption. Very robust!

Meteobridge Pro (WUS03 - Pro(+) > Go to meteobridges
  • MB Pro black > No built in meteostick (Davis receiver)
  • MB Pro red (Pro+) > Does have built in meteostick (Davis receiver)
  • Building it's own weather database on internal disk space.
  • Autonomously generation of (extended) graphs (examples on bottom of page)
  • Dynamic display of graphs, show/hide weather variables and timeframe.

Several functionalities
  • Easily upload of weather data (concurrently) to several collecting sites like Weather Underground (wunderground), Winfinder, Awekas etc.
  • Weerhuisje's  plug&play weather website is especially designed for use by a standard meteobridge (pro will work too).
  • Automatic tweets generation at preset conditions.
  • Alarms via email or sms whenever preset tresh holds are being exceeded.
  • Meteobridge also supports use of the Saratoga and Leuven template. Building your own extensive weather website. Dis does however require some knowledge of HTML and scripting.
  • And more advanced possibilities.

Connecting Davis Vantage Pro2 / Vantage Vue  
Teher are several ways to connect a Davis Vantage Pro2 or Davis Vantage Vue to a standard meteobridge or Meteobridge Pro (black).
The Meteobridge Pro+ (red) does have an integrated meteostick with an exchangeable (stronger type) antenna.
Connection type:
Connected to:
    - - -

6510USB logger
6510SER (with ser-usb adapter)
Davis display
  • Incl weatherlink software
  • Davis display forecast
  • Display immobilty

6555 IP logger
Davis display
  • Incl weatherlink software
  • Davis display forecast
  • Display immobility
  • Relatively expensive

  • Flexibel mounting (near to router)
  • Extended additional (ISS) stations
  • No integrated forecast

Supported weather stations
  • Meteostick
  • Davis Vantage Pro2 , Pro1 (execpt firmware A ),  Davis Vantage Vue, Envoy, Envoy 8x
  • Oregon WMR200,  WMR100 , WMR88, WMRS200, WMR968 (US) , WMR928 ( EU)
  • TFA Nexus, Sinus Meteotime Duo. Meade TE923 , TE827 , TE821 , DV928
  • Ambient Weather WS1090 , WS2080
  • Peet Bros ULTIMETER 100 , 800 , 2100
  • RainWise MkIII
  • Acurite 1025/1035/1525, Internet -Bridge
  • La Crosse WS2300 (WS2350, WS2355, WS2357)
  • La Crosse / ELV WS300PC/444/500 en diverse klonen ( WS550/777/888 , WDC7000 )

Supported weather networks
  • Weather Underground
  • Windfinder
  • Wetter.com
  • Weather Underground CAM
  • Windguru
  • Weather cloud
  • Meteobridge Weer CAM
  • CWOP
  • Meteonews
  • APRS
  • Terre-net
  • Wedaal
  • Open weather map
  • Anything weather
  • WeatherBug Backyard
  • Previmeteo
  • Meteoplug Cloud Graphing
  • WeatherForYou
  • Idokep

  • WOW / WOW-NL
  • Weatherflow

Tech specs Meteobridge Pro(+)
  • Size: 57mm x 27mm x 95mm (width x height x depth) without antennas
  • weight: 130g (with antennas)
  • operating temperatures: 0 - 40°C, non-condensing
  • 100/10 Mbit Ethernet port
  • WiFi 2.4 GHz, 802.11g/n (right SMA male connector on back panel)
  • RF-Sensor reception in 868-915 MHz band (left SMA
  • female connector on back panel)
  • external power supply (incl. plugs for US, EU, UK) with micro USB connector
  • full size USB female connector on front panel
  • micro USB female connector on back panel
  • black/white OLED with 128 x 64 pixels to display status
  • information and user defined data
  • reset pin hole
  • 4 LEDs on front panel, indicating
       * RF sensor reception (red / orange)
       * system operational (red)
       * network traffic (yellow)
       * sensor data stored (green)

internal components
  • Carambola 2 computing module (AR9331 SoC, 16
  • MB Flash, 64 MB RAM)
  • 4 port USB hub
  • voltage / power monitoring IC (INA220)
  • barometer IC (BMP180)
  • temperature / humidity IC (SHT21)
  • low volume signaling buzzer
  • 1 GB USB connected permanent storage (industrial
  • grade ATP SLC NANODURA USB stick

MB Nano specs
  • size: 35mm x 30mm x 10mm (width x height x depth), fits in to the expansion module compartment at the back of the console under the back cover
  • weight: 10g
  • up to 300 mA power demand (at 5 V)
  • operating temperatures: 0 - 50°C, non-condensing
  • WiFi 2.4 GHz, 802.11g/n, internal chip antenna
  • VoCore2 CPU board
  • Mediatek 7628 AN SOC 128 MB RAM / 16 MB flash status LED
  • reset button
  • 6-pin header maintenance port
  • Meteobridge NANO is CE and is RoHS conform and is FCC compliant (contains FCC ID 2AC4R-VOCOREV2) and fulfills Open Source obligations of included SW components.

Meteobridge personalised widgets
Integrate personalised widgets and templates to your existing website. Meteobridge and/or Meteobridge Pro both offer several options to realise this.
Creating widgets is relatively simple. Weerhuisje.nl can be of your support in this.

Text over image
  • Two examples of adding a weather data overlay over an (existing) image on your site.
  • Use of a HTML template with included weather variables. Actual values are being inserted into the template at a preset interval and via FTP uploaded as a standard piece of HTML code into your site.
  • Technique: HTML/css template

  • HTML result (left image):
<div style="position: relative;width: 100%;">
       <img style="position:relative; width:50%" src="surfing.jpg" alt="" />
               <h2 style="position: absolute; top: 0px; left: 35px;        width: 100%; ">
                               color: white;
                               font: bold 13px/45px Helvetica, Sans-Serif;
                               letter-spacing: -1px;
                               background: rgb(0, 0, 0);
                               background: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5);  
                               padding: 10px; ">
                               <!-- put weather data label here -->
                               Our local weather:  

                               <!-- put weather data here -->
                               Wind 0.4 Knots, S,  9.3 &deg;C <!-- put actual weather data here -->
                                       <span style="padding:0 5px;"></span>

<!-- Styling
       Line 2: Width sizes the image
       Line 3: top:, left:, adjusts text position
       Line 7: px/px = font size/line height
       Line 9: fallback color
       Line 10: Last value 0-1 = opacity

Windrose (Languages: NL - EN - DE )
  • Ultimately simple implementation of a windrose. With or without text-over-image.
  • Left. Scalable windrose img to be inserted in your own website.
  • Right. Scalable windrose image with text-over-image (this example: speed)
  • Technique: HTML template (example above)
  • Download here: windrose.zip
  • Trouble setting up the meteobridge? We can be of help!

Weather underground standalone graphs
  • When using weather underground upload of your weather data.
  • Graphs are being pulled directly from your own weather station data at Wunderground.
  • Total of 13 differnet graphs available.
  • Developed by weather34.com

Temperature - day (Temperature and dewpoint)

Pressure - month (max and low)

Steel series gauges
  • Steel series gauges have been devleoped by Gerrit Grünwald. Mark Crossley built a set of weather variables around this.
  • Gauges built on HTML canvas and javascript code.
  • Uses a HTTP request. Makes it possible to update very frequently (seconds).
  • More complicated to integrate into a website.
  • Gauges for temperature, humidity, pressure, wind, rain, UV, Solar.

Wind speed gauge.

Wind speed with additional text weather data.

Exporting graphs (exclusively on MB pro)
  • Choose existing template or generate your own.
  • Graphs, when placed on your site can be tweaked by user. Switching on/off weather variables and selecting time frame.

All-in-one graph - shiftable time frame

Min/max/avg  -  shiftable time frame

Sun hours per month

Sunhours per year - shaded part: daylight time