Davis 7345.221 | VP part | Transmitter board+ antenne

Replacement transmitter board for VP2 ISS - Temp - Temp/hum - Wind.

Davis 7345.221 | VP part | Transmitter board+ antenne
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  • Wireless Davis transmitter board for: VP2 ISS - wind transmitter kit - Temp station - Temp/hum station
  • Firmware version V2.5 (2017).
  • To be used with newest SHT31  0,3° and former 0,5° accurate sensor.
  • When using 0,5° accurate sensor (stations before 2016) adjust temperature value with +0,5. Consult FAQ for more info.
  • Including antenne, excluding housing.
  • Similar product nrs: 7315.155 (printboard), 7346.069

Replacement procedure
Beware: Improper removal of the printboard can lead to damage. Weerhuisje.nl does not carry any liablilty for damages resulting from perfoming below procedure..

  • Only remove the 4 screws from the white cover lid with "Sensor Interface Module" imprint.
  • Move the antenna lock clip with a small flat screw driver somewhat to the innerside and remove the clip by shifting it up. (see image).  

Note: Don't remove the antenna-screw!
  • Remove the transmitter board by turning it out of the housing without causing mechanical pressure  

Mount new transmitter board
  • Put the antenna through the opening and turn the board into the housing without causing mechanical pressure.
  • Lock in the antenna clip (see image) until it locks into the ring at the right.
  • Replace the "Sensor Interface Module" lid and secure the 4 screws.
  • Select the correct sender-ID with the dipswitches.
  • Put the llithium backup battery into place.