BR-7002580 Bresser 5-in-1 WIFI weather station

Original Bresser. With color Display. Your weather online.

BR-7002580 Bresser 5-in-1 WIFI weather station
BR-7002580 Bresser 5-in-1 WIFI weather station
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5 in 1 WIFI weather station
  • With option to upload your weather data to Weather Underground and / or Weathercloud.
  • No cables, the display is connected to your own network via WiFi.
  • Pre-configuration of WiFi and / or upload available as an option.
  • Original Bresser warranty extended by 5 years. Register online at

Measurement data from the station
  • Measurement of rainfall
  • Measurement of wind speed
  • Measurement of wind direction
  • Radio-controlled clock with DCF signal reception and display
  • Alarm with snooze function
  • Outside temperature alarm (frost warning)
  • Outside temperature (in ° C or ° F)
  • Indoor temperature (in ° C or ° F)
  • Humidity inside / outside
  • Air pressure
  • SINCE function to display the total rainfall from an adjusted time.
  • Highest and lowest value display
  • Maximum / minimum memory value
  • Color display
  • Background lighting