Windfinder weather station + camera

Windfinder upload pack incl. Davis Vantage Vue sensor set, MB Pro+ & weather cam.

Windfinder weather station + camera
Windfinder weather station + camera
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Option choices:
  • Add mobile network option:
    • There is no local network connection available:
      1. Wingle connects to mobile data network and creates a local WiFi network.
      2. To use the camera, a WiFi repeater is required for pairing with the Wingle.
  • Choose correct destination region.
    • Check the image of the globe and choose the correct region for your station.
  • Travel adapter for Camera PoE adapter for non EU countries
    • Also consider to order 2 LAN cables (10m) for the camera.

Windfinder weather station with weather cam
  • 100% plug & play. Connect the cables and you're online!
  • Automatic upload to your station at
  • The WUS03 MeteoBridge Pro+ is a fully pre-installed "Weather Upload Server".
  • Standard internet cable included. No router setup required!
  • Extremely low power consumption.
  • Very robust system, no burdens of management alike tasks.
  • Complete configuration setup provided by
  • Apps available to view your weather data.
  • Weather widget to integrate into your own website.
  • Easy integration of webcam image into your own website.
Legal transmitting frequencies per region

  • Each region uses its own license-free transmission frequency. Using a wrong frequency is illegal!
  • Choose the correct region as destination for the weather station!
  • We then provide the correct regional weather station version.

Cam wiring

Package content

Windfinder weather station
with weather camera

  • Vantage Vue sensorset
  • WUS03 Meteobridge Pro+
  • 4Mp weather cam
  • Free mobility antenna for better (outdoor) reception
    • Please note! When using meteobridge via wingle, a wifi repeater for the cam is required for taking snapshots by the meteobridge.

Windfinder requirements
To create an upload account we share necessary information with Windfinder
  • Location coordinates of the weather station.
  • Webcam: Yes/No
  • "Desired Windfinder station name". Windfinder determines the station name. Where possible, desired  (parts of) Station name are taken into account.
  • User self is responsible to provide uninterrupted data upload.

  • EXIR image optimization
  • Weather resistent IP67
  • Wall / ceiling mount
  • 4 Megapixel
  • IR night view
  • 4.0mm lens
  • Power over Ethernet (no power socket needed at cam location)
  • Built in FTP upload option
  • Built in HTTP option


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