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RAIN - Instromet infrared rain sensor

RAIN - Instromet infrared rain sensor

Instromet rain sensor with infrared technology. Resolution 0,01mm!!

Afgebeeld met OLED display!

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Davis interface / Transmitterkit

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RAIN - Instromet infrared rain sensor

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The Instromet rain sensor uses an infrared sensor which countd the water drops running through a funnel. A filter in the bottom of the rain conus cause a uniform flow of precipitation through the funnel. Every 100 droplets passing through the beam equalling 1mm of rainfall.
Using this type of rain sensor requires some more claening maintanance then traditional tipping bucket type sensors.

  • Rain sensor
  • Display (wall mount)
  • Net adapter for display
  • 25m cable (connecting sensor with display)

  • Day and total counter
  • Day counter can be setup to reset automatically each day.
  • Mm or Inch setting
  • Date and time display
  • Aux output to connect to a Davis sender interface.
  • Optionally also available with OLED (active) display.
  • Resolution 0,01mm !!

  • Intromet to Davis interface (connect to the rain socket of  Davis VP2 base station) - Davis display can be setup for 0,1mm resolution. Divide display value by ten for exact and correct result.
  • Instromet to Davis interface with Davis sender unit - combined with Meteostick/Meteobridge to upload weather data to internet.

Cleaning tips
  • Mesh filter NOT to be removerd in Frosty weather.
  • Important – avoid touching the stainless steel mesh filter with bare fingers as this will deposit grease which may impair the flow of water
  • If water remains in the bottom of the funnel, carefully remove the filter and put a little pressure with a finger at the start of the funnel re enabling water flow through the funnel.
  • Clean filter and sponge under a tap.

Extended weather functions
  • Precipitation
Additional functions
  • NL - user manual
  • Time/Date manual
Weather to Internet
  • Supp. weather site/page
  • Cabled transmission
  • Station: 220V

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