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Home     Davis 6162 Vantage Pro 2 Plus professional weather station
Davis 6162 Vantage Pro 2 Plus professional weather station

Davis 6162 Vantage Pro 2 Plus professional weather station

Davis semi-professional weather station. Including UV en Solar (plus) sensors.


Functionality and options Vantage Vue and Pro2 models.
Wireless comm. from outdoor sensors to console.
Can use addition wireless options.
Option Fan, UV and Solar sensor possible.
Incl. 24Hr fan for temperature sensor.
Incl. UV and Solar sensor.

€ 1035.00

On stock

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Free configuring?

Meteobridge kit

Davis | Article code: DA-6162EU

  • Product info
  • Specifications
  • Accessoiries and options

Comparison chart Davis stations
Vantage Pro2
Vantage Pro2 +
Model weather station
Wireless outdoor unit
Additional options?
Cooling fan / Solar/UV option?
Incl. cooling fan for temp sensor
Incl. UV en solar sensor
* optional wireless option
Wireless windsensor (6332 sender unit - 6410 anemometer)

  • Choose WUS02-MB-stick for your own weather page at Weatherunderground. don't need a logger!
  • 2 year full warranty, just like all other Weerhuisje.nl products.
  • Pre-config option. Just order as free option!
  • And of course also our additiona; 2 year free support!
  • With new SHT31 temperature- and humidity sensor.
  • Even more accurately measurements Max tolerance 0,3°C (instead of 0,5°C)

Datalogger - software combinations
  • All Davis Vantage Vue and Vantage Pro2 weather stations use the same packetss.
  • Dataloggers exclusively sold in combination with SW package.
  • Windows software is W7 compatible.

Populair combinations:
  • 6510USB - USB Datalogger with Windows software.
  • 6555 - IP Datalogger with Windows software, connect directly to your router.
  • 6520 - USB datalogger wih Macintosh software (OS 10.1 and higher).

For more information consult: Davis dataloggers en software

Please note:
  • For all Davis weather stations you will need additional package to connect to PC or internet.
  • Instead of using a Davis datalogger you can also use a Meteobridge/Meteostcik combination to connect directly to the Internet. Find more information

Simple weather functions
  • Forecast
  • Inside temperature
  • Outside temperature
  • Inside humidity
  • Outside humidity
  • Pressure
  • Pressure graph
  • Weather alarms
Extended weather functions
  • Precipitation
  • Rain rate
  • Wind
  • PC connection
  • Dew point
  • Wind chill
  • Heat index
  • UV sensor
  • Solar sensor
Additional functions
  • Time/Date manual
  • Sunrise / Sunset
  • Moon phases
  • Backlight permanent
Weather to Internet
  • Supp. weather site/page
  • Supp. MBpro(+)
  • Station: Free standing
  • Station: Hanging
  • Wireless transmission
  • Max reach 300m
  • Freq: 868MHz
  • Station: 3x LR14
  • Station: 220V