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Davis WH-VueVP2sens VVue console VP2 wireless sensor set

Davis WH-VueVP2sens VVue console VP2 wireless sensor set

Davis WH-VueVP2sens Vantage Vue console w Vantage Pro2 Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS).

Functionality and options Vantage Vue and Pro2 models.
Wireless comm. from outdoor sensors to console.
* Can use addition wireless options.
Option Fan, UV and Solar sensor possible.
Incl. 24Hr fan for temperature sensor.
Incl. UV and Solar sensor.
       * wireless wind sensor is possible though.

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Davis | Article code: WH-Vue-VPsens

Davis WH-VueVP2sens  VVue console VP2 wireless sensor set

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Comparison chart Davis stations
Vantage Pro2
Vantage Pro2 +
Model weather station
Wireless outdoor unit
Additional options?
Cooling fan / Solar/UV option?
Incl. cooling fan for temp sensor
Incl. UV en solar sensor
* optional wireless option
Wireless windsensor (6332 sender unit - 6410 anemometer)

  • Choose WUS02-MB-stick for your own weather page at Weatherunderground. don't need a logger!
  • 2 year full warranty, just like all other Weerhuisje.nl products.
  • Pre-config option. Just order as free option!
  • And of course also our additiona; 2 year free support!
  • With new SHT31 temperature- and humidity sensor.
  • Even more accurately measurements Max tolerance 0,3°C (instead of 0,5°C)

Datalogger - software combinations
  • All Davis Vantage Vue and Vantage Pro2 weather stations use the same packetss.
  • Dataloggers exclusively sold in combination with SW package.
  • Windows software is W7 compatible.
Populair combinations:
  • 6510USB - USB Datalogger with Windows software.
  • 6555 - IP Datalogger with Windows software, connect directly to your router.
  • 6520 - USB datalogger wih Macintosh software (OS 10.1 and higher).

For more information consult: Davis dataloggers en software

Please note:
  • For all Davis weather stations you will need additional package to connect to PC or internet.
  • Instead of using a Davis datalogger you can also use a Meteobridge/Meteostcik combination to connect directly to the Internet. Find more information

Simple weather functions
  • Forecast
  • Inside temperature
  • Outside temperature
  • Inside humidity
  • Outside humidity
  • Pressure
  • Pressure graph
  • Weather alarms
Extended weather functions
  • Precipitation
  • Rain rate
  • Wind
  • PC connection
  • Dew point
  • Wind chill
  • Heat index
Additional functions
  • Time/Date manual
  • Sunrise / Sunset
  • Moon phases
  • Backlight permanent
Weather to Internet
  • Supp. weather site/page
  • Supp. MBpro(+)
  • Station: Free standing
  • Station: Hanging
  • Wireless transmission
  • Max reach 300m
  • Freq: 868MHz
  • Station: 3x LR14
  • Station: 220V