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WH-WUS02-only - Doe zelf de configuratie van je meteobridge.

WH-WUS02-only - Doe zelf de configuratie van je meteobridge.

WUS02 meteobridge. Exclusief configuratie, incl. lic. à € 65,- en 10m netwerkkabel

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International notes:
Power plug adapters
Standard power connecters are based on type C,E,F (see list here). For countries using divergent power outlets, a set of most used power connector adapters will be included.

Frequency band of weather station / Meteostick
WW used frequencies for wireless tranmission of weatherdata from sensors to receiver differ from region to region. We will deliver weather station configuration with frequency used in region 1 (433/868 MHz) only.

Weather undergorund
  • One of the first weather data colection sites with ten thousands connected stations.
  • Complete personal weahter page with  actual and historical weather data.
  • Clear and very complete site.
  • Several apps available.
  • Download of historical data possible (csv/txt format)

Supported weather stations:

Station model:
Support features:
  • Independent receiver for Vantage Pro / Vue weather stations.
  • Display / datalogger combination not needed.
Davis Vantage Pro2, Pro1 (except firmware A)
  • Vantage Pro including wind, rain, pressure, UV, sunlight, indoor temperature, outdoor temperature sensors.
  • To connect with Meteo Bridge one of the Davis Vantage Pro data loggers (USB, IP or serial) must be used.
  • If a serial logger is used, it should be set to 19,200 baud and an RS232 - USB converter based on Prolific PL2303 or FTDI chipset is required.
  • Storage of the Davis logger is not used.
Davis Vantage Vue
  • Vantage Vue wind, rain, pressure, indoor temperature, outdoor temperature sensor, but without UV or solar sensors.
  • To connect the Vantage Vue to Meteobridge one of the Davis data loggers (USB, IP or serial) should be used.
  • If a serial logger is used, it should be set to 19,200 baud and RS232 - USB converter based on Prolific PL2303 or FTDI chipset is required.
  • Storage of the Davis logger is not used.
Oregon WMR200
  • Internal data logger WMR200 is not used by the Meteo Bridge.
  • WMR200 has problems in the reporting of current sensor readings when the data logger is completely filled. It is recommended to set logging data to maximum interval. This ensures that the data logger will not reach its storage capacity for months. However, you should empty the logger from time to time by hand to clear it's memory.
       Note: Instead of the WMR200 display also an additional WMR88 display can be used to prevent  
       forementioned problems
  • In addition to the standard sensors, UV sensors are supported.

Oregon WMR100, WMR88
  • This model has a USB connector that can be connected to the MeteoBridge client.
  • An optional UV sensor is also supported.
Oregon WMRS200
  • This station is like a WMR100 WMR200 with sensors without display.
  • WMRS200 is to be connected to MeteoBridge USB port (Station type: WMR200), and is also powered by the USB connection.
Oregon WMR968 (USA), WMR928 (EU)
  • This model has a RS232 connector RS232-USB converter (based on FTDI or Prolific PL2303 chipset) is required.
  • Station supports no UV or solar sensors.
TFA Nexus, Sinus Meteotime Duo.Meade TE923, TE827, TE821, DV928
  • These stations are connected via USB.
  • Brands: TFA Nexus, Sinus, Meteotime Duo, Mebus, Irox, Honeywell, Cresta etc.
  • MeteoBridge supports recent hardware versions that send current weather data via the USB port.
  • Internal data logger functionality TE923 is not used by MeteoBridge.
  • Drive is connected via USB.
Ambient Weather WS1090, WS2080
  • These weather stations manufactured by Fine Offset Electronics (WH-1080, WH-2080, WH-3080) are also offered as Watson W-8681, WX-2008, National Geographic 265 NE, Elecsa 6975/6976, etc.
  • MeteoBridge uses live data.
  • Internal data logger functionality is not used.
  • Stations are connected via USB.
  • UV sensors are used if present.
PeetBros ULTIMETER 100, 800, 2100
  • ULTIMETER weather stations Peet Bros are supported.
  • Wind, rain, pressure, indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity.
  • Station must be set to "data logging", "data logging", "packet" or "complete record" (preferably) with 2400 baud.
  • Drive has an RS232-USB converter based on Prolific PL2303 or FTDI chipset required.
Rainwise MkIII
  • MkIII weather station Rain Wise is supported.
  • Including wind, rain, air pressure, temperature and humidity.
  • MeteoBridge must be connected to Rain Wise Computer Interface MKIIICC and RS232 USB converter (based on PL2303 or FTDI).
Acurite 1025/1035/1525
  • USB-enabled drives Acurite are supported.
  • Wind, rain, barometric pressure, indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity.
  • Meteo Bridge connects directly to the USB interface of the console Acurite.
  • Important: Acurite console must be switched to USB mode 3.
Acurite Internet -Bridge
  • Internet Bridge Acurite, which sends weather data to Acurite's own Internet network, can be connected to MeteoBridge using a Ethernet cable.
  • The MeteoBridge must be set in WLAN mode (otherwise the LAN connection is not available).
  • In this mode, the Acurite Internet-Bridge will be joined by MeteoBridge's WLAN connection. To your router
  • Acurite Internet-Bridge will continue to work on the Internet.
  • MeteoBridge picks up the sensor data which are transmitted via TCP traffic and uses this data as if the sensors are connected to the Meteo Bridge directly. In this way, the Acurite Weather Bridge Internet Bridge gives owners a wide range of new possibilities for their data.
  • Supported sensors are Acurite 5in1 outdoor sensor and extra temperature / humidity sensors.
  • Pressure measurements should be calibrated which can be done easily by using MeteoBridge Web interface .
  • Indoor humidity data not available.
La Crosse WS2300
(WS2350, WS2355, WS2357)
  • WS23xx weather station is supported.
  • Warning: WS23xx  weather information sporadically providesfalse readings due to interface problems.
  • WS23xx has a RS232 - USB converter is required by PL2303 or FTDI chipset (included with purchase of new station).
La Crosse / ELV WS300PC / 444/500 and several clones (WS550 / 777/888, WDC7000)
WS300 weather station and clones are supported and connected via USB.

Weather to Internet
  • Own weather page
  • Supp. Mobile Internet
  • Supp. weather site/page