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1.1  Windfinder installation manual

Click below to download the windfinder manual.
1.2 Setup Davis 6357 outdoor unit

1. Slide the wind cups  around the axis of the wind speed sensor. Tighten the hex nut with the allen key.

2. Place the ISS in front of you as shown in the picture. With arrow pointing downward, slide Wind Vane far as possible over the shaft. You should see the shaft aligning the bottom of the the axel bearing of the Vane. Tighten the Allen screw with the Allen wrench (clamping on rounded part of the shaft).

3. Place the rain mechanism underneath the ISS. Tighten the screw by hand.

4. Place the battery (observe polarity) and attach the battery cover. Tighten the screw by hand.

5. Place debris screen in rain shelter cone

6. Mount ISS on a pole. With Solar panel facing exactly south. This will ensure correct wind direction  measurement.
1.3 When to use the Mobility Antenna

Use of the mobility Antenna
  • If you are experiencing poor data reception you can use the mobility Antenna in order to improve signal reception.
  • The Antenna has a magnetic base. It can be placed easily on a metal  surface. This will also enhance signal reception.
  • Placing the Antenna outdoors, in line of sight with the outdoor weather station will result in best performance.

Mounting  the Mobility Antenna:
  • Looking at the back side of the uploadserver, unmount the left Antenna by gently turning the hex nut anticlockwise. Remove the Antenna and mount the mobility Antenna in reverse steps. Place the Antenna at "good reception" location.

1.4 IP camera hardware installation
  • PoE adapter included. Power for the camera is supplied via the network cable.
  • Network cables not included. Use fully wired CAT5 network cables.
  • Use diagram (left) to install the camera.
  • Connect “PoE” / "CAM" - labeled connector to the camera, "LAN" - labeled connector to the router.
1.5 Test camera (cam is pre-configured)

Step1: Use SADP tool to find out the camera's IP address.
Test camera snapshot:
  • Take a test snapshot> Open your browser> Type in the address bar:
  • http: // user: password @ theIPaddressfromstep1 / streaming / channels / 102 / picture
Activate meteobridge camera uploads:
  • Login to meteobridge (see Product info> meteobridge)
  • Go to: Station tab section meteobridge cam select External Picture (see image)
  • URL not preconfigured? Enter the URL below.
    • http://user:password@theIP-address-of-step1/streaming/channels/102/picture
    • user: password> see camera packaging
  • Cam URL already configured? Replace 'theIP-address-of-step1' with the IP address at Step1
At own risk!
  • Adjust cam settings?
  • Login to the camera:
  • Type Cam IP address in the browser's address bar

1.6 Camera snapshots on Windfinder site
  • Meld de camera aan op webcamgalore.com
  • Register the camera at webcamgalore.com
    • Choose "submit Webcam" from the menu
    • URL Webcam Page: https://admin.meteobridge.com
    • URL Webcam image: Login to the meteobridge > Weathercam > Click on the cam (an image will appear). > Paste the snapshot URL (top of your browser) into this field.
    • Complete the registration.