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Opdrachtgever had een duidelijk beeld voor de homepagina van z'n eigen weersite, opgebouwd met meerder Davis weerstations. Het idee werd door Weerhuisje.nl geïntegreerd in haar weersite dienst www.mijneigenweer.nl
De grafieken worden rechtstreeks vanuit de Meteobridge Pro+ naar de site geupload.
Neem een kijkje op hetweerinleudal.nl  

 2017 - Barbados - Surf resort
 Integratie weerdata en live weercam op site surf resort.

  2017 - Davis weerstation op Spitsbergen
 Onderzoek naar klimaatveranderingen

 Weerhuisje portfolio Davis weerstation Spitsbergen

Live streaming van de eigen weercam en actuele weerdata van het eigen weerstation op de website van apartmentsinbarbados was de opdracht.

Op Spitsbergen staat een weerhuisje.nl Davis Vantage Vue weerstation ten behoeve van onderzoek naar o.a. klimaatveranderingen. Elke zomer van mei tot augustus wordt het kampement (met schrikdraad afrastering tegen ijsberen) bemand. Linksboven: ijsbeer houdt weerstation in de gaten. Meer info over dit onderzoek

 2017 - LoRa netwerk Achterhoek
 Weerstations in 1000km2 netwerk op afstand uitlezen.

 2016 - Vineyard monastry Catharinadal
 VWK project supported by Weerhuisje.

In de Achterhoek is een 1000km2 LoRa netwerk aangelegd. Voor de agrarische sector heeft www.hetinternethuis.nl een eerste Davis VP2 weerstation van www.weerhuisje.nl geschikt gemaakt om overal in dit gebied draadloos via internet (IoT - Internet of Things) de actuele weergegevens uit te lezen.

Catharinadal monastery is surrounded by extensive vineyards. Designed by the VWK, we realized a measurement set of various weather instruments for good management and optimal growth conditions. The practical setup has been realized by consultations of Weerhuisje.nl

 2016 - KNMI station for Maronia
 Configuration and installation of  KNMI WOW station

 2016 - Coentunnel maintenance
 Registration of precipitation at Coentunnel

Due to the somewhat more remote location a setup with upload via mobile network was designed. Weerhuisje's advice to use a special antenna was accepted and proved sufficient to bridge the distance. Data upload this way is accomplished through a standard Internet land line.

For proactive and reactive purposes, registration of precipitation at Coentunnel is required. Configuration: Davis VP2 with Meteobridge pro and long range repeaters to bridge the distance. Data is stored in customer's own database.

  2015 - De weerwebsite V2.0
 Very robust, extendable and no management worries.

 2015 - VWK Sylphide project
 Weather database for VWK members

At www.mijneigenweer.nl there is room for everyone's own weather website. With real time gauges, tuneable looks, weather cam option, Twitter and your own page for everything you want to share. Watch your responsive web site on your PC, tablet or smartphone seemlesly

Weerhuisje supported VWK members to join the project by providing weather upload servers at a reduced price. The upload server automatically inserts the weather data into a database, and are being made available to members via VWK site.

 2015 - Partnership Windfinder
 Windfinder weather station packs

 2014 - Weerhuisje's  tiny museum
 Weather instruments deserving to be shown


Windfinder is an International weather data aggregator specialized in providing wind forecasts. Water Sports clubs, marinas, (kite) surfers, sailors use the current weather(cam) data. Weerhuisje delivers and supports Windfinder packs worldwide.

Aren't they beautiful, the old instruments and meteorologists of the early days. A special place at Weerhuisje.nl for those beautiful pieces of mechanical workmanship and weather enthousiasm to the bones of the people working with it.

 2014 - Project weather ticker
 Demo at our Youtube channel: weather ticker

 2013 - Project bat migration research
 Specialized weather stations along the shore.

Weather data of private weather station at the marina through ticker visible at over 50m distance. Also one can easily push own (temporary) messages together with the posted weather information .

For research on the migration of bats a number of weather stations are placed along the Dutch coastline. Weerhuisje has  supplied the specialized equipment.

  2013 - Weather data in the shop
 Gegevens van eigen weerstation op groot display.

  2013 - Promotional gift  at the Countryside
 Digital rain gauges for agracultural companies.

For Faunaland busibness realized actual weather data on large display in shop.
Weather Station: WS2800 and SW: customized the  standard upload functionality.

Promotional gift for customers of agricultural relation  supplied rain gauges with logo imprint. Because of the good quality we achieved subsequent assignments.

 2013 - Introduction of WUS01 weather site
 First plug&play weather website. Suitable for novice users.

One year an hourly a horizon photo at Scheveningen.


A complete weather website based on the now famous Raspberry Pi and using the available for free webspace at  virtually any service provider those days. User page for personal interpretation.

Weerhuisje provided a weather station for the project of photographer Bruno van den Elshout. Every hour a photo from the NH hotel in Scheveningen. More about the project .. http://www.newhorizonsahead.nl

  2012 - Introduction iWeerstation
 Scoop plug&play device for Weerhuisje iWeerstation

 2012 - Covely GDF Suez
 Weather stations at NAM locations.
iWeerstation schematic overview


Weerhuisje.nl works closely with the developers of the home automation application DOMOTICZ to implement weather sensors herein.
The first plug & play device of Weatherhouse is a fact. Based on Raspberry Pi combined with RFXtrx433, a transmitter / receiver, the iWeerstation was born.

Out of gratefullnes for contract renewal, Cofely management decided to give an appropriate gift to NAM.
The contacted Weerhuisje asking Rain Wise MKIII weather stations for Cofely.
All in all, an action that was carried out in a relaxed and professional manner.

 2011 - Frits Bom
 De konsumentenman

 2011 - Klaas de Weerbaas
 RTV Drenthe and Omroep MAX
 Frits Bom, NL television star    in the showroom at


A weather station of Weerhuisje complies 100% with all the promised features and expectations, and what is left goes above it is more than perfect accompaniment to Gritter family if you just freezes initial amateur in this field.

This year I was ready for new measuring devices. I selected the Vantage Pro2. I was not so convenient installing it myself. So I looked rather reluctant to buy the equipment. But Mr. Gritter of Weerhuisje.nl has assisted me with advice and assistance and ensured that everything worked fine.