WH FS-02 Particular matter measuring station. Type Tube

Measures 2,5µm and 10µm particles.

WH FS-02 Particular matter measuring station. Type Tube
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Manufacturer Weerhuisje
Article codeWH-FS-02
What is the air quality in your own environment? With the particulate matter measuring station you know the air quality you breathe.

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Weerhuisje.nl has made an extra accurate Plug&Play air quality measuring station. Do you know, or do you measure the air quality in your area?

  • In a compact, well-ventilated housing, the Sensirion SPS30 accurately measures fine dust particles
  • Lifespan SPS30 > 8 years (producer's statement)

How does it work?
The WH-FS-02 air quality monitoring station consists of a number of sensors:
  • The SPS30 particulate matter sensor measures:
    • PM (Particle Matter) PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10 - Size of the dust particles. Number indicates size of the particles in micrometers (millionths of a meter).
    • NC - Number Concentration - values indicate the amount of particles per cm3 per particle size (e.g. NC2.5 37#/cm3 = 37 particles PM2.5 per cm3).
    • TPS - Typical Particle Size - Average Particle Size of Measurement This provides an indication of the average particle diameter in the sample aerosol. This corresponds to the weighted average of the number of concentrations of aerosols measured with an optical particle size meter.
  • Temperature and humidity sensor Sensirion SHT3x
    • Accuracy T: +/- 0.3 °C LV: +/- 2%

The sensors are linked to a microcomputer that connects you (just like a smartphone) to the internet via your own WiFi network. The measurement data is automatically sent to the central database. You can view your own measured values ​​in graph form via a link to the database site.

Why multiple sensors?
At high humidity, a "moisture film" forms on the fine dust sensor. This is incorrectly interpreted as particulate matter. The humidity sensor makes it possible to process compensation for high humidity in the particulate matter measured values ​​in the future. At the moment this has not yet been implemented.

The humidity and temperature sensor are integrated on 1 module. These sensors can be read directly from the measuring station via your browser.

Measurement results
The charts come in different time spans:
  • Day
  • Week
  • Month
  • Year
  • Moving average over the last week.

Delivery consists of:
  • Completely configured particulate matter measuring station.
  • Wi-Fi setup help available as an option.
  • Your own WiFi settings are pre-configured in the particulate matter measuring station.
  • Upon receipt, just assemble the station and supply it with power.
  • Housing suitable for wall mounting or on a horizontal surface.
  • Power adapter incl 3m USB cable.
  • Option: Upgrade to power adapter with 6 or 10m USB cable
  • Minimum diameter through hole USB cable 15mm.
  • Installation manual.

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