Placement of the sun hours sensor
  • Mast diameter 25-50mm
  • Place the sensor horizontally and point the sphere to the south
  • Provide the clearest possible line of sight to the sun at all times of the day.
  • Route the cable from the sun hour sensor to the location of the control box.
In the control box
  1. Power led. On when the adaptor/battery(3) is connected
  2. Sun led: sun shining? Led on!
  3. Sensor senitivity
  4. Connections of the sun hour sensor.
  5. Connection (optional) for connection to Davis VP2 rain sensor input.
  6. Sensor sensitivity:
    • Control arrow halfway is default sensitivity.
    • To the left: Sensor indicates "sun is shining" at more weak sunshine.
    • To the right: Sensor indicates "sun is shining" at more powerfull sunshine.