Placement of the sun hours sensor
  • Mast diameter 25-50mm
  • Place the sensor horizontally and point the sphere to the south
  • Provide the clearest possible line of sight to the sun at all times of the day.
  • Route the cable from the sun hour sensor to the location of the control box.
In the control box
  1. Power led. On when the adaptor/battery(3) is connected
  2. Sun led: sun shining? Led on!
  3. Sensos senitivity
    1. Arrow UP: "Normal” position"
    2. Move left more sensible for sunlight
    3. Move right less sensible for sunlight.
  4. Connections of the sun hour sensor.
  5. Connection (optional) for connection to Davis VP2 rain sensor input.
    • ad. 5: When using a Davis transmitter unit, the cable coming from the rain sensor connector of the Davis transmitter unit is connected here.