Davis 6475 / 7345.034 | VP part | temperatuur sensor

Davis 6475 / 7345.034 Temperatuurvoeler met RJ connector en 7,6m kabel voor 6372 temperatuurstation.

Davis 6475 / 7345.034   | VP part |  temperatuur sensor
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The External Temperature Probes may be used with the wireless Weather Envoy (6316), Envoy8X (6318), Wireless Temperature Station (6372), or the Anemometer/Sensor Transmitter Kit (6330). They can be used to measure air, soil or water temperatures.The sensor is a precision platinum wire thermistor which produces a resistance change proportional to temperature. In the Stainless Steel model (6475), it is epoxy-encapsulated in a 316 alloy stainless steel body with vinyl strain relief. In the External Temperature Probe (6477), it is sheathed in vinyl.To ensure accurate readings when measuring outdoor air temperature, the probe should be shielded from direct sunlight and other sources of reflected or radiated heat. We recommend the use of the Radiation Shield (#7714) for this purpose.

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