WH-MBrelay Electronic relay alarm switch

With the electronic relay an alarm device can be triggered.

WH-MBrelay Electronic relay alarm switch
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Manufacturer Weerhuisje
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Electronic switch for meteobridge
  • Turns a device on/off  in case off exceeding the treshold value of the weather variable.
  • Minimum test interval critical value: 1 minute.
  • For 12V/24V DC 15A or 120V/220V AC at 10A max.
  • L: 100 mm - Width 58 mm - Hight 24 mm

Please note! Excluding USB cable. Can be ordered via option.

Meteobridge settings
  • The switch can be connected via the USB connection at the front or at the micro USB connection at the rear (most right connection) back side view.
  • Adapter cable USB-A female to micro USB is included with the MB pro.
  • Set the USB port to be used (see figure below)
    • USBport 1 = USB connector front meteobridge.
    • USBport 2 = USB connector right rear.

Example activating/deactivating the switch
  • The trigger for activating/deactivating the switch is based on a weather variable whose value has been exceeded.
  • Under the Services tab, a service is created for switching on and off.
  • There are multiple services options to provide the triggers.
  • As an example, let's take a script that tests  every minute (adjustable) whether the condition (parameter) is met.
    • Example condition: if the wind is from the east (0 to 180 degrees) the trigger must be activated. If the wind does not come from that direction, the switch will be deactivated.

Features and Specifications

Weather to Internet Supp. weather site/page

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