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WH-WebPack Your own weather website - Plug&Play!

Use your own meteobridge | Or add a meteobridge optionnally

WH-WebPack Your own weather website - Plug&Play!
WH-WebPack Your own weather website - Plug&Play!
WH-WebPack Your own weather website - Plug&Play!
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Order options

Weather station model (required):
Choose your weather station model ("Other" list:  more info > meteobridge).

Add profitable priced meteobridge (optional):
Don't have a meteobridge already? Add one to your order.

Additional upload to (optional):
WOW - Metoffice (UK)

Conditions agreement (required):
Read the: Conditions

Name weather station (required):
The name for your weather site as shown in the URL address.
Google search appreciate search words like  "weather station" and your location (town).

WS location:
To pin the weather station location, add your weather station address or Coordinates (decimal)

Your own weather website - No worries, no obligations!

  • No hassle with settings. It's Plug and Play!
  • You don't need web space yourself. Your weather website is hosted on www.myownweather.eu, a site of Weerhuisje.nl.
  • For more info visit: www.myownweather.eu.
  • Demosite: www.myownweather.eu/meteolondon.

The Webpack consists of:
  • Fully equipped weather website hosted by Weerhuisje.nl.
  • If you don't have a meteobridge yet, add it to your order it at a profitable price.

Beware, a Weather station is NOT included with this article.


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